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Some exclusions may apply, such as: We do not remove or replace bonnet protectors (owner must remove & replace as required), we do
not remove or replace baby or child seats in vehicles (owner must remove & replace as required). Please speak to our detailer regarding
any other queries you may have.

All prices are fixed but depending on the size and condition of the vehicle, there may be a $10 - $20 charge eg: extra dirty or the detailer
needed more time spent on the detail.


We are very serious about customer satisfaction. Before taking payment, we require the owner of the vehicle (or the person responsible for
making payment upon completion), to thoroughly check the vehicle with the detailer, to ensure that everything has been completed to meet
the customer's expectations (and hopefully more!). Our detailers will not take payment from a customer, prior to the customer confirming
that they are happy with the service we have provided them with. If you are unhappy in anyway, we always attempt to rectify! Please note
that we are unable to guarantee you a new vehicle, however we always endeavour to detail and perform the service required to the best of
our abilities.

Malvern Hand Car Wash aims to provide the highest quality auto detailing services to its customers.
If it’s a customised detail that you require or a free quote, just speak to our friendly detailer and he will be happy to answer any questions
you may have.

Please note the below information regarding appointments and cancellations before booking for our detailing service.

 Customers making appointments for detailing services are required to leave a 20% deposit upon booking.
 Notice of cancellations within 3 full days are eligible for a full refund of their deposit (please allow 48-72 hours to process)
 Cancellations within less than 1 full days’ notice or a failure to attend will not be eligible for any refund.
 Cancellations with no prior notice made by email will not be eligible for any refund.
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