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Paint Protection

*RECOMMENDED for new and used cars.

Paint protection is a form of protecting your paintwork against environmental damage
caused by debris and weather etc. in the day to day usage of your vehicle.

The longevity of any Sealant rests heavily on what type of sealant it is, but more
importantly, how it is applied or rather the amount and process of preparation before
applying the Sealant.

The Preparation must be carried out professionally, and this is achieved with one of our
polishing services included in any Exterior Detail. All paint condition (even new cars)
must be prepared to enable the Sealant to adhere properly to the paints
surface.Please see
Stage 1 Cut & Polish.

The product that we at Malvern Hand Car Wash stand by and use is Cquartz - Ceramic
Quartz paint protection. It is a special nanotechnology product with a long term effect
on painted surfaces,plastic trims, glass and wheels.
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This is not a sealer that forms a barrier but rather a modification of the surface chemistry on a molecular level to provide a permanent easy to
clean and protective surface.

The HydroPhobic effect works by repelling water and preventing adherence of any contaminants. In a microscopic level the painted surface is
not completely smooth, so water and dirt on the surface can build up easily. Cquartz allows the dirt with water simply to wash off and provide a
clean surface leaving less water marks.

Dirty water cannot settle into the painted surface, the coating is very long lasting, UV stable. It cannot be removed by water, Alkaline or other
detergents or high pressure equipment.

Cquartz will guarantee that the surface keeps its original clarity and transparency. Cquartz have discovered also new property, Fire and flame
retarding property due to ceramic and silica mixture coat.
Our special unique coat has another Major benefit
"Anti Calcium Effect". With most other sealants or
nano coatings, dried water spots penetrate the coat,
then it’s very hard to wipe them off, with our coat it will
not bond to the coat and will be very easy to remove
the water spot.

Cquartz can be applied to any surface: glass, wheels,
plastics, leather and rubber surface as well.

Cost:  From:  Car $350.00 - 4WD $450.00