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Pre-sale Detailing Package

Maximise the sales value of your car by having it professionally polished, detailed and
prepared before selling it. Buyers are more likely to buy a clean, polished and well
presented car and pay top price for it; what you spend on this service will more than
pay for itself by making it easier to sell your car and getting the best price for it.

Package includes:  

Paintwork undergoes a 2-3 Stage Cut & Polish, for darker coloured vehicles, Medium to
heavy scratch removal.

• High pressure rinse followed by a Shampoo to Pre-soak exterior to loosen
• Remove bug & tar spots, clean exhaust tips  
• Car is hand washed with shampoo including door jams & wheel guards
• Thorough detailed cleaning of the vehicles Engine Bay of grease and grime
•Wheels/rims are cleaned with a formulated wheel and rim cleaner  
• Chamois dry & 100% cotton deep towel finish  
• Exterior is decontaminated by a claybar which will leave the surface feeling as smooth
as glass.  
• Exterior undergoes 2-3 stages of machine cut & polish to level out defects from
holograms, swirl marks, clear coat scratches, marring, dulling to restore a show-room
mirror finish  
• Vacuum full interior including boot & all compartments  
• Detailing of gauges, vents, gear console including pedals, visors and pillars  
• Carpets and upholstery pre-spotted then treated to a gentle shampoo  
• Leather Seats and panels fully cleaned and conditioned
• Cracks, crevices &hard to reach areas are cleaned with an air gun  
• Interior, rubber seals & plastics are cleaned, prepped & rejuvenated  
• Exterior plastics, rubbers and tyres are cleaned, conditioned & rejuvenated  
• Interior & exterior glass, vanity mirrors are cleaned  
• Recommended for those who want a showroom finish and includes engine
• Dog hair removed (if required)
• Exterior plastics or metals, rubbers and tyres are cleaned, conditioned & rejuvenated
• Exterior Glass cleaned and detailed
• Add HD WAX (High Definition Wax)
• Rim & Tyre Polish
• Deodorisation

Cost:  From:  Car $300.00 - 4WD $380.00

*Please prepare to leave your vehicle for up to 2 days
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